General understanding in forex (Volume-3)

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Curriculum of Mastering Forex Markets (Volume-3)

General Understanding

  1. Basic Assumptions
  2. The Necessity of Fundamental Analysis
  3. Accessibility

Common Chart Types

  1. Line Charts
  2. Bar Charts
  3. Candlestick Charts
  4. Candlestick Patterns

Trends and Ranges

  1. Trading Trend
  2. Trend Reversal
  3. Trading Range

Chart Formations & Patterns

  1. Symmetrical Triangles
  2. Ascending Triangles
  3. Descending Triangles
  4. Double Tops
  5. Double Bottoms
  6. Head and Shoulders
  7. Reverse Head and Shoulders
  8. Chart Formation Highlights


  1. Fibonacci Retracements Illustrated
  2. Fibonacci Extensions
  3. Fibonacci Extension Price Targets
  4. Simple Moving Average
  5. Exponential Moving Average (EMA).
  6. Pivot Points
  7. The 5–3 Wave Pattern

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