Future Trading Guide (Volume-5)

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Curriculum of Mastering Forex Markets (Volume-5)

Pros & Cons

  1. Pros & Cons
  2.  Trading Tips
  3. Choosing a Broker
  4. Trading Risks
  5. Brief History of Futures
  6. Function of the exchange

What are Futures?

  1.  The Composition of a Future Contract
  2. Futures Symbology
  3. Futures Symbology
  4.  Product Symbol
  5. Delivery Month
  6. Year
  7. Available Futures Asset Classes

Notable Futures Terms

  1. Arb
  2.  Arbitrage
  3. Contract
  4. Contract size
  5. Clearing
  6. Clearing House
  7. Derivative
  8. Hedging
  9. Limit (Up or Down)
  10. Margin Call
  11. Market Marker
  12. Mark-to-Marke

The Marketplace

  1. Participants
  2. Pit & Electronic Trading
  3. Exchanges
  4. Regulatory Bodies

Trading Futures

  1. Margin and Leverage
  2. Rollover
  3. Physical & Cash Settlement

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